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Upcoming Events

05.27 – Le son du futur / Le futur du son
An international conference hosted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT).

Location: McGill, Schulich School of Music (Montréal, CA)


06.02 & 06.03 – Saltise conference
The 11th annual conference theme invites us to reflect on the role of active learning in our current educational climate.

Location: Dawson College or Online


About Us

Formation Musitechnic is an international, not-for-profit college-level art training and Community & Research Centre (MCRC) dedicated to the education and support of artists and technicians in the field of music and audio. Since 1987, Musitechnic has used practical training and concrete application to train Canada’s leaders in creative work at the heart of music and technology.


As a leader in our industry, Musitechnic has broadened the spectrum of its teaching by implementing a community center and culture hub, which is bound to include the different contexts where music and audio are important players: film, television, radio, show business and even video games. 


We continually thrive to expand our spectrum in the audio industry by defining and redefining what it means to be a music creator and an audio technician. We put great emphasis on the quality of our offerings and on ensuring that what is taught is in direct consideration of the realities of the audio industry, including in the areas of sound recording, music production, live sound mixing, surround mixing, sound design for cinema, and audio for video games. 


The MCRC provides specialized services to audio/visual technicians and artists. It collaboratively serves as an artistic hub for creation and an incubator for research and development (R&D) across artistic, cultural and scientific endeavors. Our facilities and services are available to artists, technicians, students, creators, scientists and media industry operatives.

The MCRC is unmatched in its mentorship opportunities for artists and technicians in our field from all career stages, particularly at the emerging level. Some key figures include:

music and sound creators

mentoring hours per year

annual events

The MCRC is also proud of working with outstanding partners within the Art and Music ecosystem, as well as in the R&D and entrepreneurship domains.

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Let’s create together!

Musitechnic is proud to support arts, culture, technology and education.

The Team

Antonio Crespo

Dr. Antonio Crespo

Dr. Antonio Crespo is the Musitechnic Formation Director of Programs, the Director of the MCRC, and member of the DreamerGate R&D Enterprises Inc. Board of Directors. In his academic career, Dr. Crespo has been conducting AI related research since 2008. He holds a PhD in Information & Systems Engineering, an MSc in Computer Science, a BSc in Social Sciences (Sociology and Political Science), and a BSc in Aeronautical Sciences. He is one of the founding members of the TransLab – Laboratory for the Research and Development of Computational Models applied to Air Transportation (University of Brasilia), associate editor of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, and reviewer for the IET Collaborative Intelligent Manufacturing Journal. Dr. Crespo’s educational experience covers the secondary, the collegial and the university levels; he worked as member of the Westmount High School Governing Body, took part of English Montreal School Board committees, he is currently an expert of the Québec’s “Commission d’évaluation de l’enseignement collégial”, and he held a Graduate Science Teaching and Learning Fellowship from Concordia University.

Dr. Arianna Mazzeo

Dr. Arianna Mazzeo

Dr. Arianna Mazzeo is currently a senior researcher in Art, Design and Technology at the University of Toronto. Prior to this position, she taught the course Methodologies and Practice in Design Engineering Research at Harvard University’s Master in Design Engineering Program, where she was also an advisor for the final thesis. In addition, she is an affiliated Researcher of Practice in Design, Art, and Technology at MIT, and a Senior Research Fellow at RISD, where she works on introducing innovative design research and experimental pedagogies for social change through storytelling. Grounded in critical and “artistic intelligence” as design intervention in the public domain, her research focuses on transformative co-creation of ideation and sustaining forms of stories of resilience in public space. The research aim is to develop connections, relationships and authentic interactions for the wellbeing of communities in the cities as a learning environment. Her practice-based research is aiming at the creation of a new public and lexicon to learn through design, film, creative industries. All stories of transformation of social-spatial inequalities through a creative process where technology such as AI, can be a co-production of collaborative pedagogies for open creative arts education. Dr. Mazzeo is also Director of Design Fiction Studio, a creative studio for media, film, performing arts, stories, educational innovation and online service. With her diverse and international team, she helps co-create digital stories and online innovative learning solutions and technology for all.

Zahra Jaffer

Zahra Jafer

Zahra Jafer is a Doctoral Candidate at Concordia University’s department of Education. Prior to this position she worked as a researcher for the University of Ottawa’s Alumni office and teaching assistant at the department of human sciences of both University of Ottawa and Concordia University. She has experience in curriculum reformation and pedagogic course instruction in addition to her research experience at the Federal government of Canada. Zahra is currently working with our director of programs as an education consultant in addition to her collaboration with the research and development department on different funding and expansion projects. Since 2013, Zahra has worked on various federal funding projects that support private educational institutions in their innovative initiatives and is familiar with the ministerial level government funding targeted towards private research centers and colleges. Zahra looks to combine her acquired experience in academia and the federal government to help fortify the main ground beneath the research and development center at Musitechnic and build a strong foundation for the upcoming community centre.

Karim Blondy

Mr. Karim Blondy

Mr. Karim Blondy began working as a sound technician in radio and theater in the United States before attending Musitechnic in 1999. Since then, he has worked as a studio technician in the studio, on set, in post-production, as well as in live. In addition, Karim Blondy is a musician and has performed more than a hundred shows across Quebec with different bands. He has composed for other artists, for short films, as well as for web-series. After a dozen years spent at “Radio-Canada” as a sound recordist, he embarked on new challenges, including the recording of orchestral concerts and an audio application “Frequency Test” for iPhone. Fascinated by history and sound recording, he wrote a book on microphones for Musitechnic as well as about fifty articles for the school’s website before leaving to work in architectural acoustics and then becoming head sound engineer for the City of Montreal. In recent years, Karim Blondy has recorded and mixed albums for artists of various styles: jazz, classical, pop and metal…

Taha Nouri

Taha Nouri

Taha Nouri, born in 1994 in Morocco, Singer, Songwriter, and audio technician, Alumni from (ESAV) the school of audiovisual arts in Marrakech and also an alumni from Musitechnic school in Montreal. After a great success in Morocco as a performer, Taha tries to broaden his knowledge in the field of audio in order to become an international artist.

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